We have over 30 years of experience in partnering with Regional Centers, the Department of Developmental Services, and community resources. The relationships established have allowed us to meet the most challenging and core needs of the individuals participating in our programs. Our team consists of dedicated and innovative professionals whose goals are to deliver the highest quality of services to the individuals that we support. As a family owned and operated business, we take great pride in creating a professional, yet family oriented environment. We provide a variety of services in a genuine, positive manner, to promote the personal goals selected by individuals while ensuring their health and safety within the community. 


 Our Goals

  • Enhance quality of life choices by facilitating a person-centered approach that promotes individuality and community integration.
  • Encourage successful partnerships with involved stakeholders and families.
  • Provide personalized care that encourages personal growth and a sense of belonging.


We Provide

  • Individualized programs committed to person-centered thinking.
  • Positive learning environments with consistent and caring support.
  • A network of services and strong relationships with community partners that can address and support the various needs of the individuals in our programs. 
  • Expedient assessments, service proposals, and expedited implementation of support services.
  • Guidance and encouragement for the individual to have successful relationships with family and involved stakeholders.

Our services are implemented in a consistent and caring manner. We assist with healthy living, appropriate social skills development, educational and work opportunities, and enhanced personal care. We provide opportunities for individuals to make choices that emphasize their interests and enhance quality of life.


Our programs are structured to motivate each individual towards continual learning and growth, to enhance community integration opportunities, and to promote partnerships with the individuals' circle of support. 



Our staff are carefully screened and trained on best practices for personalized care, behavior intervention, and community integration. Each staff is highly trained to appropriately communicate and interact with the individuals with whom they work with. Our staff is encouraged to be personable and creative in order to maximize positive outcomes. All staff are Direct Support Professional certified, CPR/First-Aid certified, trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention, and required to complete additional continuing education coursework annually.  



Our Residential Services are located in beautiful, well-kept neighborhoods, and are comfortably furnished to provide a home-like atmosphere.