1. Job Description

Title:                                   Community Support Specialist   

FLSA Status:                       Non-Exempt, Regular, Full-time

Department:                        R. A. Cadia

Company:                            R. A. Cadia Inc.

Reports To:                          Program Director, Assistant Program Director, Supervisor                            

Location:                               Whittier, CA      


2. General Summary

The Community Support Specialist will work directly with the consumer and his family/circle of support.  Community Support Specialist will report directly to the assigned Program Coordinator.


3. Primary Accountabilities

1.       Will establish and maintain a good working relationship with assigned consumers and their families.

2.       Will be fully aware of the goals, plans and wishes of the consumer and have a clear knowledge of the plan to assist the consumer to meet this goal.

3.       Will work with the consumer, family/circle of support during assigned hours to establish supports and services in the community.

4.       Provide feedback to the consumer and their family.

5.       Answer questions and provide positive feedback to the consumer and their family.

6.       Collect and maintain data or progress in areas of assignment.

7.       Be a member of the team and provide input at meetings. Request meetings with the Program Coordinator as needed to anticipate new needs of the consumer.

8.       Establish and maintain the trust of the consumer and their family/circle of support.

9.       Be able to assist and communicate with senior staff regarding the consumer/family issues.

10.   Other duties as assigned


4. Qualificatioins

1.         Two years recent FT time experience working with dual diagnosis consumers (Developmental Disability/Mental Illness)

2.         Preferable AA degree in Behavioral Science or related field.

3.         The ability to speak, read and writes: English and (Spanish is desired).

4.         Training and experience working with persons with severe behavioral challenges.

5.         Extensive training in the use of positive behavioral supports and techniques.


5. Requirements

1.         Have a fully completed employment application.

2.         Complete the MDH Behavior Program training.

3.         Have current CPI training.

4.         Current First Aid and CPR training. 

5.         Must have good knowledge of medications and how to pass medications properly as directed.

6.         Have a TB and Health Screening, including a statement that you are physically qualified to perform the duties to be assigned, Criminal Record Clearance, and a signed Abuse Reporting Form.

7.         In addition you must have:

·         A completed Employment Application

·         A copy of a valid California Driver’s License and Automobile Insurance.

·         A copy of your DMV H-6 driving record

·         Documentation of educational background, training and/or experience.

·         Past Duties and Responsibilities or recent Job Description.

·         Past experience, including types of employment and former employers.

·         Termination date if no longer employed by the facility.

8.         Must pass the test for Direct Support Professional or take the training and pass the test within the first sixty (60) days of employment.


6. Job Specifications

1.       Leaderships Skills

2.       Good Organizational skills

3.       Crisis management skills; Non-violent crisis management and intervention training (CPI, DSP I).

4.       Professional Appearance

5.       Good communication skills, Verbal/Written

6.       Computer literate: MS Office/Outlook.

7.       Ability to speak the primary language (i.e. Spanish, Mandarin, German) of the consumer and family. 


7. Key Competencies

1.       Proven ability to work with a diverse group of people and associates.

2.       Self-starter

3.       Ability to multi-task

4.       Ability to set priorities and be flexible based on changing priorities

5.       High energy level, comfortable performing multifaceted project.

6.       Superior interpersonal abilities. 

7.       Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, flexible.

8.       Good reasoning abilities and Sound judgment.

9.       Resourceful and well organized. Detail oriented.

10.   Management style: advocate of team concept.

11.   Ability to establish credibility and support the organization’s preferences and priorities.

12.   Honesty and integrity


8. Nature and Scope

The greatest challenge in this position is to be involved in the creation of standardized approaches, policies and procedures where none have existed before. The incumbent will be expected to take the initiative in defining areas of need and implementing programs.

        This position requires a high degree of people/human relations skills in order to gain cooperation throughout all levels of the organization. The incumbent will work closely with and be functionally guided by the Assistant Program Director, Program Director, President and Owners of the Company.  


9. Schedule

Start: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


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