R.A. CADIA Coordinated Life Services

Coordinated Life Services provides intensive case management support for individuals with complex behavior challenges, emergency medical needs, family issues, advocacy needs, judicial intervention and diversion compliance. We use the ‘wrap-around’ approach, working with a variety of community resources and trusted providers, to coordinate comprehensive and personalized services for each individual in our program. With a person-centered program plan, each individual can be a successful contributing member of his or her community. We coordinate comprehensive and personalized services for each individual using an extensive network of trusted providers and community resources. We work to facilitate access to necessary and relevant services, in a dedicated and expedient manner.

Our Judicial Intervention and Diversion Compliance Program (JIDC) is dedicated to assisting individuals with forensic involvement comply with court mandates and assisting individuals to develop skills and strategies to remain successful members of their community. Using a person-centered approach, we are able to support each individual to understand and address the behaviors that contribute to forensic involvement. Together, we build a positive network of resources catered to each individual and support all required court ordered Diversion Plans, Probation Plans, as well as any other treatment or rehabilitation plans. Our program empowers each individual to develop the skills necessary to contribute and be active members of their community.


Our Goals

  • Support each individual in developing and utilizing a circle of support
  • Assist each individual in accessing generic resources offered in his or her community
  • Coordinate access to agencies, according to the expressed interests of each individual
  • Assist each individual in navigating the judicial system and established court mandates
  • Provide skilled advocacy in educational pursuits, mental health treatment, vocational opportunities, and structured activities

We Provide


Coordinated Life Services

  • Coordination of consultative services including medical, psychiatric, immigration, legal and self-advocacy training, or other identified needs.
  • Advocacy related to education, including assistance in implementing IEP’s (Individual Education Program).
  • Provide a wide-range of life planning and transition services through support of specific community integration objectives.
  • Help develop skills for positive long-term outcomes to maximize health and safety.
  • Provide support to service coordinators in locating resources for individuals with immediate complex challenges.

Judicial Intervention & Diversion Compliance

  • Support individuals in preventing forensic involvement by establishing strategies for improvement, including access to counseling and/or psychiatric services. 
  • Provide services to individuals to ensure compliance with court orders or diversion plans, including recovery programs, anger management classes, drug testing, and other community programs.
  • Preparation and submission of legal documentation. 
  • Identification of legal resources customized to an individual's needs. 
  • Support in self-advocacy within the judicial system.
  • A 24 hour response team.

Our Staff

Our staff are carefully screened and frequently trained on best practices for safely supporting individuals with the coordination of consultative services and supporting individuals with self-advocacy within the judicial system. The forensic and social work experience within the Coordinated Life Services Program allows our staff to provide professional, positive supports to the individuals we assist. 

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