Mercedes Diaz Homes Network has over 30 years experience dedicated to providing the highest quality care for individuals with developmental disabilities. We believe that in a structured and caring environment where self-worth and individuality are emphasized each individual can grow to his or her fullest potential. We are seeking highly motivated direct support professionals who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. Join the MDH Network team and become a part of a company that values and invests in the professional development of its employees. 


1. Job Description

Direct Support Professional II

Residential Program (or other as qualified)

Program Director, Administrator, Assistant Administrator, House Manager

As assigned and designated

$14.45 / hour (depending on experience)



Reports To:


Pay Rate:


2. General Summary

The Direct Support Professional II provides support to adults with developmental disabilities in activities of daily living. Working in community and residential settings, the direct support professional encourages individual choices and self advocacy, interpersonal communication skills, problem solving abilities, money management skills, and community integration. The goal of the direct support professional is focused on enriching the life of each individual they support. 


3. Primary Accountabilities

  1. Act as a role model and encourage positive interactions with others.
  2. Work with individuals to encourage positive choices
  3. Become familiar with the program plan for each individual in the facility.
  4. Understand behavior modification techniques and how to correctly implement them.
  5. Understand and assist individuals in exercises designed to improve or maintain, mobility range of motion and self-help skills.
  6. Document incidents that occur and maintain current progress notes and data frequency counts on each client assigned to them.
  7. Attend necessary staff meetings and in-service training.
  8. Assist individuals in all areas of grooming and personal hygiene skills.
  9. Assist with basic medical treatment as prescribed.
  10. Assist in medication administration and monitoring and ensure proper documentation of such. 
  11. Ensure open lines of communication with individuals, staff members, and administrator.
  12. Assist in supervision of meal preparation and housekeeping, as assigned.
  13. Have the ability to exercise mature judgment and relate to individuals in a warm, caring manner.
  14. Assist in maintaining a clean and safe home environment for individuals residing in the home.
  15. Participate in recreational activities in a variety of settings.
  16. Perform other related duties as assigned.


4. Qualifications

  1. Have a valid California Drivers License
  2. Complete pre-employment requirements including in-house training and orientation
  3. Complete a background check
  4. High School Diploma or GED
  5. Direct Support Professional Certification Level 1 and 2.
  6. Minimum one year experience in a residential setting working with adults with developmental disabilities.
  7. Familiarity with charting, medication administration, and positive behavior support. 


5. Key Competencies

  1. Knowledge of individuals with developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis.
  2. Knowledge of behavioral issues, including aggressive, non-verbal and self-injury behaviors. 
  3. Ability to exercise mature judgment and relate to individuals in a warm, caring manner. 
  4. Knowledge of state and federal laws, Regional Center, Department of Developmental Services, and of Title 17 and 22.
  5. Ability to clearly speak English (Bilingual in Spanish and/or the primary language of the individual assigned is a plus).
  6. Working knowledge and understanding of Individual Program Plans and Individual Service Plans.
  7. Ability to work with a diverse group of people at all levels within the organization.
  8. Self starter with the ability to multi-task.
  9. Results oriented, sound judgment, service oriented, assertive/persuasive.
  10. High energy level, comfortable performing multifaceted projects, plus day-to-day activities.
  11. Have good organizational skills, ability to set priorities, and be flexible based on changing priorities.
  12. Superior interpersonal abilities, teamwork mentality and social perceptiveness.
  13. Active listening skills with the ability to interact effectively with management.
  14. Ability to establish credibility, be decisive, recognize priorities.
  15. The Direct Support Professional works in both indoor and outdoor settings. Frequent lifting and/or carrying objects/individuals up to 60 plus pounds is required. Standing, sitting, stooping, kneeling, bending, balancing, walking, running, pushing, pulling, and traveling may be required. 
  16. If required to drive, candidate must be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid California Driver's License along with proof of insurance and vehicle registration. 
  17. Report any incidents or evidence of abuse or violation of residents’ rights to Administrator and appropriate agencies.


6. Career Path

Mercedes Diaz Homes Network realizes that the Direct Support Professional II is a vital part of making a difference in the lives of others. We continuously invest in the training and certification of our employees. With constant opportunities for growth and advancement each employee is provided with the tools necessary to advance their professional career. The career path can differ with each individual’s knowledge, skills, abilities and experience. As a Direct Support Professional II, you will find fulfillment in the positive impact you make in the lives of others.

Career Path:

Direct Support Professional I • Direct Support Professional II • Assistant Manager • House Manager • Administrator • Program Director 


7. MDH Network

Mercedes Diaz Homes Network values and rewards the hard work and dedication of each of our employees. We appreciate our team members and are committed to providing an environment for professional enrichment and advancement opportunities. Fuel your professional growth by becoming a part of the MDH Network today!