1. Job Description

Title:                                   Direct Support Professional - DSP  

FLSA Status:                       Non-Exempt, Regular, Full-time

Department:                       Residential Program

Company:                           As assigned and designated

Reports To:                         Program Director, Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Manager

Location:                             As assigned and designated       


2. General Summary

Specifically, Employee shall be responsible for the Direct Service Provider duties set forth by the Department of Developmental Services and herein:


3. Primary Accountabilities

  1. Will be thoroughly familiar with the program plan for each consumer in the facility.
  2. Will fully understand behavior modification techniques and how to correctly implement them.
  3. Will fully understand and implement exercises designed to improve or maintain, mobility range of motion and self-help skills.
  4. Will document incidents that occur.
  5. Will implement treatment for each consumer.
  6. Will maintain current progress notes and data frequency counts on each consumer assigned to them.
  7. Will attend staff meetings and in-service training.
  8. Will be able to instill acceptable behavior on others.
  9. Will aid in orientation and training of new staff.
  10. Will act as a member of interdisciplinary team and provide input into consumer progress and overall condition.
  11. Will assist consumer in all areas of grooming and personal hygiene skills.
  12. Will perform basic medical treatment as prescribed and pass medication as directed.
  13. Will insure open lines of communication with other staff members.
  14. Will assist in supervision of meal preparation and housekeeping chores as assigned.
  15. Have the ability to exercise mature judgment and relate to consumers in a warm, caring, and non-expletive means.
  16. Insure that the facility is maintained in clean, safe, and home like manner.
  17. Report observation or evidence of violation of any consumer’s right as specified in Section 80072.
  18. Participate in clients recreation programs.


4. Qualifications

  1. Have a minimum of six months prior experience providing direct supervision and special services; or
  2. Within six months of beginning to provide direct care services in the facility, complete twelve additional hours continuing education in implementing program services, promoting consumers rights, health, safety, social, physical integration; and the ID process, including development and implementation of the IPP.
  3. Complete a minimum of 12 hours continuing education which the requirements specified in consumer services a described in program design; promotion of consumer’s right, health, safety, social, physical integration; and the ID process, including development and implementation of the IPP, (as specified in Section 56037(a)).
  4. Have current CPR and First Aid Certificate.
  5. Non-violent Crisis Intervention Training (CPI)
  6. Complete 20 hours of in-house training and orientation:
    • Facility Program Design
    •  Consumer IPPS
    •  Consumer Rights
    • Identifying and Reporting Abuse
    • IPP/ISP Implementation
    • Medication
    • Health and Emergency Procedures disabilities
    • Identify and Reporting SIRS
  7. Complete 20 hours of on the floor training.
  8. Have a TB and Health Screening, including a statement that you are physically qualified to perform the duties to be assigned, Criminal Record Clearance, and a signed Abuse Reporting Form.
  9. In addition you must have:
    • A completed Employment Application, including full name and current address and telephone number.
    • A copy of a valid California Drivers License and Automobile Insurance.
    • A copy of your DMV H-6 driving record
    • Documentation of educational background, training and/or experience.
    • Past Duties and Responsibilities or recent Job Description.
    • Past experience, including types of employment and former employers.
    • Termination date if no longer employed by the facility.
  10. Must pass the test for Direct Support Professional or take the training and pass the test within the first sixty (60) days of employment.


5. Key Competencies

  1. Proven ability to work with a diverse group of people at all levels within the organization.
  2. Self-starter
  3. Verbal/Written communication skills
  4. Ability to multi-task
  5. Ability to set priorities and be flexible based on changing priorities
  6. High energy level, comfortable performing multifaceted projects, plus day-to-day activities.
  7. Superior interpersonal abilities. 
  8. Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, flexible.
  9. Good reasoning abilities and Sound judgment.
  10. Resourceful and well organized. Detail oriented.
  11. Management style: advocate team concept.
  12. Ability to establish credibility, be decisive, recognize priorities.
  13. Results oriented, sound judgment, service oriented, but assertive/persuasive.
  14. Honesty and integrity


6. Work Schedule

The hours of work include only that time spent by you carrying out duties assigned or authorized by the Employer.  Hours of work are scheduled on a variable shift basis depending on the needs of the Employer. What this means is that your hours of work are always subject to change. Our work shifts fluctuate during our 24/7 Sunday through Saturday workweek.

You will be required to complete, a time sheet/card/electronic recording each workday and each workweek, including the start and end of each day and all meal and rest periods. You will be required to adhere to all Company time sheet/card/electronic recording and record keeping policies and procedures. 


7. Nature and Scope

Our Company was created to provide professional and caring services to members of California's developmentally disabled population. We exist for the purpose of providing professional and caring services to our consumers’ and their families. It is the company's policy, and therefore should be the objective of each staff member, to provide all services in a courteous, caring and efficient manner.

In addition, these consumers have severe behaviors including self-injury, physical aggression to others (hitting, biting, kicking, and threatening with objects), tantrums, property destruction, inappropriate social and sexual behaviors, and other maladaptive behaviors. At times you will witness and be subject to the above mentioned consumers’ severe behaviors which include physical aggression to others (hitting, biting, kicking, and threatening with objects).

We remind you that our Company is committed to applying high ethical standards in conducting its business, and expects nothing less from our employees.



I received, acknowledge and understand all of the above.