Independent Living Services

Our Independent Living Services Program provides a person-centered approach to develop instruction tailored to each individual’s unique needs.  The program will provide training to individuals in making informed choices, promoting self determination and facilitate access to local community resources.  The instructions are also designed to reflect an individual’s cultural background and expression of their life preferences.  The Independent Living Instructors encourage individuals to establish meaningful life activities and relationships within their community during training and instruction.  Instructors will enhance self-worth and assist the individual in building lasting relationships with their circle of supports.  We offer the functional skills training necessary to secure a self sustaining healthy and safe lifestyle. 

Our Goals

  • Provide the necessary training for each individual to be fully and appropriately integrated into their community.
  • Teach the necessary skills and provide information that assist individuals in making informed and healthy decisions.
  • Facilitate independent choices in daily living activities.
  • Encourage the development of personal relationships with one’s circle of support, instructors, and community resources.


We Provide

  • Encourage and/or teach how to make informed decisions that affect their hopes and dreams.
  • To teach the individual their civil and statuary rights and how to maintain their rights through self advocacy.
  • Trained instructors in assistive technology and adaptive equipment for those individuals who may have communication and/or mobility challenges.
  • Instruct individuals in household management to improve their skills.
  • Encourage community participation and educate on activities, events, clubs and meetings available in their local community.
  • Educate and encourage individuals on generic community resources.
  • Instruct individuals in money management, budgeting and bill paying.
  • Promote, instruct, and maintain consistent healthy grooming and hygiene skills.
  • Support and/or instruct in desired areas of employment or educational goals. 
  • Teach individuals to be responsible participants in their medical care.
  • Identify and instruct individuals on how to utilize generic medical and/or other community resources through our extended network.
  • Instruct on how to acquire appropriate care and medical support services.
  • Instruct individuals with home and community safety awareness and emergency preparedness.
  •  Instructor assists the individual in planning a future home setting as expressed by the goals of the individual.
  • Upon the ID Team request, our instructors will assist individuals in exploring all aspects necessary in developing a home of their own. 

Our Instructors

Our professional and personable Instructors take pride in each individual achieving their maximum independence. Our staff are trained to instruct individuals with behavioral and skill challenges. Each Instructor is trained in person-centered thinking, universal precautions, CPR/First-Aid, and Crisis Prevention Intervention and are Direct Support Professional certified. The Independent Living Services Instructors develop personal relationships and work with each individual in achieving their maximum independence and safe community integration.