1. Job Description

Title:                                 Field Supervisor   

FLSA Status:                         Non-Exempt, Regular, Full-time

Department:                      SLS Program

Company:                          MDH-SLS Program, Inc.

Reports To:                        Program Director, Assistant Program Director, Program Assistant

Location:                             Whittier, CA      


2. General Summary

Supervise Instructors’ and other related field service staff. Establish pride and integrity to everything we do in the community. Provide an encouraging work environment where staff and clients/consumers can achieve true satisfaction in their own lives. Establish and maintain a commitment to providing the highest level of quality customer service to all customers.


3. Principal Responsibilities

1.       Assist in developing and maintaining program policies and procedures.

2.       Insure non-discrimination in the delivery of program services and assistance.

3.       Insure health and safety to all program participants by enforcement program design guidelines.

4.       Be responsible for recruitment, training and supervising of all field staff and personnel.

5.       Assure schedules of appropriate staff work together with consumer needs.

6.       Have knowledge of consumers' IPP/ISP and oversee their implementation.

7.       Assist when needed to review SIR submitted and report to the proper agencies in a timely manner.

8.       Assist in investigating circumstances of SIR and conduct internal investigation.

9.       Review staff incidents and accident reports in a timely fashion and take appropriate corrective action to prevent reoccurrence.

10.   Assist in giving accurate input of consumers' performance and progress.

11.   Insure open lines of communication between staff, consumers, circle of support and agencies.

12.   Evaluate consumer needs and schedule staff to receive related training. 

13.   Write annual performance evaluations for all field staff and personnel.


4. Primary Objectives

1.       Research and locate resources out in the community to be utilized by consumers (activities, schools, volunteer work, training)

2.       Field work: visit consumers and staff in the community up to 5 days per week. Make sure consumers are following their assigned schedule, dressed appropriately, on time to scheduled volunteer sites.

3.       Make home visit as needed to encourage consumer to be on task.

4.       Train staff on how to deal with consumer’s behaviors, details on consumer’s diagnosis on individual basis.

5.       Recommend any changes or additions in consumer’s schedule as needed.

6.       Assist any staff member in need of behavior modification assistance out in the community.

7.       Supervise Field Trainer (if applicable).

8.       Staff support with ID Notes / Behavior Charts.

9.       Perform other duties as assigned.


5. Qualifications

1.       Have a combination of relevant training and experience.

2.       HS graduate or GED, preferably a AA degree or at least 2 years of experience in a related field/subject and/or services.

3.       Minimum 3 years of supervisory/management experience

4.       Minimum 21 years of age.

5.       Complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education in the areas related to the administration and management of programs providing services to persons with developmental disabilities:

a.       Consumer services as described in the program design

b.      Promotion of consumer rights, health, safety and social physical integration; and

c.       The ID team process, including development and implementation of the IPP/ISP.

d.      Recent developments in theory and practice Support Living Services

e.      Identification of service delivery issues an challenges

6.       Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred

7.       Background in working in the administration of a special services program funded by the Regional Center preferred.


6. Requirements

1.       Have completed an application for employment, including full name, current address and telephone number.

2.       Copy of a valid California driver's license and/or ID.

3.       Dates of employment (verification).

4.       Documentation of educational background, training, certificates and/or experience.

5.       Criminal records clearance from the Department of Justice.

6.       A medical screening/physical and a TB test clearance.

7.       Have the physical qualifications to perform the duties assigned.

8.       Must have a current First Aid and CRP card

9.       Must have a valid California Driver's License and proof of automobile insurance.

10.   Able to work Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

11.   Able to be on-call as needed and/or scheduled.



7. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1.       Experience working in field service environment.

2.       Ability to provide organizational assistance

3.       Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, as well as general problem-solving skills

4.       Ability to maintain confidentiality in all business transactions

5.       Ability to follow verbal and written instructions

6.       Exceptional organizational skills for self and others

7.       Strong analytical and problem solving skills

8.       Good planning and organizational skills to balance and prioritize work

9.       Good presentation skills

10.   Knowledge of principles and practices of basic office management

11.   Ability to work well either alone or as part of a team


8. Key Competencies

1.       Proven ability to work with a diverse group of people at all levels within the organization.

2.       Self-starter

3.       Verbal/Written communication skills

4.       Ability to multi-task

5.       Ability to set priorities and be flexible based on changing priorities

6.       High energy level, comfortable performing multifaceted projects, plus day-to-day activities.

7.       Superior interpersonal abilities. 

8.       Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, flexible.

9.       Good reasoning abilities and Sound judgment.

10.   Resourceful and well organized. Detail oriented.

11.   Management style: advocate team concept.

12.   Ability to establish credibility, be decisive, recognize priorities.

13.   Results oriented, sound judgment, service oriented, but assertive/persuasive.

14.   Honesty and integrity


9. Nature and Scope

The greatest challenge in this position is to be involved in the creation of standardized approaches, policies and procedures where none have existed before. The incumbent will be expected to take the initiative in defining areas of need and implementing programs. This position requires a high degree of people relations skills in order to gain cooperation throughout all levels of the organization.


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