Supported Living Services

Our Supported Living Services  program provides assistance to individuals with Developmental Disabilities who desire to create their own home environment, set their own routines and work towards choosing healthy lifestyles regardless of their disability. We instruct and support individuals to reach their desired goal of living in their own setting by building a strong positive circle of supports, that includes family, friends, neighbors, or other individuals in the community. We provide flexible supports sensitive to the unique needs, living arrangements, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences of each individual. We are committed in helping each individual achieve their personal life goals while they maintain their health and safety within their home and community. 

Our Goals

  • Create a trusting and caring relationship between each individual and his or her circle of support.
  • Build confidence and self-empowerment in making personal life choices.
  • Enhance knowledge of and individual's local community to ensure participation in community life. 
  • Overcome challenges and barriers by demonstrating different approaches in resolving reoccurring life issues. 
  • Strengthen positive self care and healthy lifestyle.
  • Establish a safe, clean, and healthy home environment. 
  • Empower individuals to self advocate their medical services. 
  • Enhance each individual's emergency preparedness skills
  • Motivate and instruct individuals in daily living skills.



We Provide

  • Build and maintain interpersonal relationships, including a Circle of Supports.
  • Instruct and/or motivate to successfully complete daily living activities such as meal preparation, hygiene, grooming, household management, and budgeting to ensure the individual is residing in a clean and safe home and is actively participating in their community. 
  • Facilitate and/or encourage accurate communication between individuals, their circle of support and medical professionals regarding preventative care, medication changes and dispensing, medical procedures and recommendation.  
  • Identify generic medical and/or other community resources through our extended network to provide the appropriate care and medical support.
  • Teach and/or coordinate scheduling appropriate medical services.
  • Trained staff in assistive technology and adaptive equipment for those individuals who may have communication and/or mobility challenges.
  • Awareness and training to effectively use transportation, police, fire, and emergency help available to the general public.
  • Instruction and support in community safety and mobility through hands-on practice in natural settings.
  • Support in developing safe relationships with the individual’s circle of support and members of the community through example of appropriate behaviors with friends, co-workers and/or strangers.
  • Assist individuals to identify work or education opportunities of their choice. 
  • Teach individuals of tenant’s rights and landlord responsibility.
  • Instruction and/or assisting individuals in managing their financial affairs.
  • Instruction on how to interact appropriately with governmental agencies and personnel.
  • Asserting civil and statuary rights through the practice of self-advocacy.
  • On-going training and preparation for emergency situations by providing emergency contact lists, emergency guideline practices and emergency bins with needed items in case of disaster. 
  • Twenty-Four (24) hour emergency assistance, including direct response to calls for assistance. Assist and facilitate the individual’s efforts to acquire, use, and maintain devices needed to summon immediate assistance when threats to health, safety, and well-being occur.
  •  Maximize participation in community life.


Our Staff


Our staff members are good listeners as well as caring and supportive professionals.  Our company assists individuals to identify a circle of supports that are compatible to achieving their personal life goals. Our staff members are continuously trained in person-centered thinking, universal precautions, CPR/First-Aid, Crisis Prevention Intervention, and are Direct Support Professional certified. Our staff members strive to develop strong personal relationships with the individuals they support to maximize their successful community integration.